Bing’s New Keyword Tool

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Bing has released it’s new Keyword Research tool which is free to use for anyone with a Live/MSN/Hotmail account.

Bing Keyword Research Tool


You can immediately see a down-fall – only one keyword at a time allowed!


Match Types

According to the explanation in the tool, if you do not tick that ‘strict’ check box next to the ‘search’ button, then


“… the total query volume shown for the phrase cars shows an aggregate number inclusive of all phrases containing the word cars. ”


Which insinuates that the query volumes are showing an equivalent to Google’s ‘phrase’ match type. If you tick the strict box,  it will be exact match only (using Google parlance again).


For the keywords it ‘suggests’, to me it seems the vast majority are also phrase matched for your original term – e.g when I put in ‘boxing day’ I didn’t get any terms which weren’t phrase matched.


For the term ‘Ray Ban’ however, about 10% of the terms suggested were broad matched, like ‘wayfarers’ and ‘ray white’.


Date Range

Bing’s keyword research tool allows you to select dates to see data from, within the last 6 months. (it will let you select into the future, but give you no suggestions for it).


Compare this to the Google tool which just gives you a monthly average taken from the last 12 months



For each term it will give you estimated ‘impressions’, which, for December 2011, were showing only 42 impressions for the term “Boxing Day Sales” – which seems odd.


The numbers it gives, however, are not rounded to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 as is often the case with Google, giving the (false?) impression of it being more accurate.



Unlike the Google keyword tool, you can’t put in a whole bunch of keywords at once (annoying), but you can click on ‘history’ to see your previous searches.



Click on any result in the list of keyword suggestions to have the tool run again on that search (Even if you click on the little graph item in each line item it will re-run the tool for that term).

This feature is similar to the new functionality in the Googles Keyword Tool, where you click on ‘show more like this’ to rerun the tool on that term.)

Google Keyword tool for SEO


Let’s Compare Bing’s Keyword Tool With Google’s Keyword Tool


Lets compare the popular term ‘car insurance’


Car Insurance in Australia

For time frame, we will choose ‘last month’ (Bing gives you a choice to choose the time period, Google uses a 12 month average)


  • Broad Match Google – 450,000
  • Broad Match Bing – 21,274

Google shows volumes 20 times higher

  • Phrase Match Google – 368,000
  • Phrase Match Bing – 3,709

Google Shows volumes 100 times higher



You can see that Bing gives much more ‘accurate’ numbers (that is, not to the nearest 100 or 1000), but the volumes are significantly lower than what Google predicts.


Let’s use USA now, because perhaps in Australia the volumes are too small to be very accurate


Car insurance searches in USA


  • Broad Match Google – 1, 500,000
  • Broad Match Bing – 150,325

Google shows volumes 10 times higher (the closest yet!)

  • Phrase Match Google – 1 ,220,000
  • Phrase Match Bing – 20,007

Google shows volumes 60 times higher



Watch Your Language!

When I did the USA search, at first it showed 3 impressions for the term car insurance!! It turned out that the language I had chosen was still “English (Australia)”, so you need to be very careful to choose the right language version when using this tool!


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