Bing – The Love Affair Continues

By June 24, 2009 Search News No Comments

I still love Bing. Even though it is very different to the promo’s. I really didn’t like the ‘online-shopping’ appearance of the Bing Promo’s but the Beta Bing has turned out to be not much like what that portrayed, and I love it.


I love the cheery background pics which change everyday. They got me on Day 1 with Santorini – the most beautiful island on earth. I felt national pride when they had an Echidna on the weekend. Yesterday I think it was Huang Shan in China, and when I landed there I just felt a familiarity, I have been there! And finally, today, it is a pic of two super-cute otters. For a travel-lover like me, who also has an appreciation for all things nature, the new background pics are a simple but intriguing addition. A lot more interesting than the boring white background of Google.

But lets get off the aesthetics – what about the search results? I love them too. They don’t seem to be as spammed as Google, (and I am not just saying this because my clients are totally smashing it on Bing). The top 10 seem to me to be invariably relevant, and high quality sites.

In Google lately, there seem to be more than 10 entries, sometimes up to 12, because of blog, news and video entries. I don’t like them being all mixed up in the top 10. If I wanted those, then I would do a Youtube, blog or news search. Bing seems to keep it to a simple top 10.

Yes the layout is similar to Google, but it is prettier, simpler and less spammy. Taking all the best features of Google, and improving on it.

But I have been so institutionalised by Google, I feel that if I Bing something, I might miss out on something in Google. I need to break this dependence.

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