Bing – First impressions

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Well, I posted last week on my impressions of Bing from their trailer, and now I am going to post on my initial impressions from half an hour of use.

First of all, unlike Wolfram Alpha, my initial impression is that this could pose a serious competition to Google – if only people could cure their Google habit. I wonder if I feel this confidence in Bing because the interface is very reminiscent of Google?


(They even knew I loved Santorini?? I don’t know why that is the background for Bing.)

Now a quick comparison with Google, and you can see how similar the search options are:


However, I am not sure where a lot of the features are that were promoted in the video. Perhaps they are being rolled out separately – a search for mobile phones and swine flu got me no special shopping or health pages.

As for the other features I mentioned in my last blog post (which I didn’t make up, I got them from Bing’s own promo video) – I couldn’t find the tabs, I couldn’t find a video or image to view straight from the listings, and I couldn’t find ‘best match’ (which I thought was an aberration anyway).

What I did see that was new was the advanced search option, which allowed you to refine your search if you weren’t satisfied with the initial results. But on second glance, it wasn’t that advanced, just letting you add extra keywords, choose a domain, area and language. Not that groundbreaking.

Despite Bing not matching what I expected from the promotion, I think it is quite good. The userfriendly (and familiar?) interface could be what they need to help them compete with Google.

I mindlessly use Google myself, so not sure if Bing will be my next big thing, but I might compare results over the next little while to see if either has results that I prefer.

Just before I sign off, I will do a quick search for the term ‘best search engine’ on Bing, as I have previously with other search engines – just to see who it recommends:

Result: no one on page one. Similar to results seen on Google, it just has entries for blog posts and stories discussing search engines – it isn’t going to give a recommendation! However, unlike Google, it did not mention Dogpile (the aggregator search engine).

What it did do at number 15, was list Google Linus.

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