Best Android Apps for SEO

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After being a long term iPhone and IOS user I recently made the change to Android (on a HTC Velocity running Ice Cream Sandwich).  Having used a lot of SEO related APPs for IOS I thought I would go through the Android market place and see what was available.  Unlike my experience with my iPhone, a number of the Android apps performed erratically or didn’t load at all.  This could just be down to my handset.  Below are my favourites.

SpiderMate SEO Scorecard


Free!  This app is good for checking a site’s health on the run.  It pulls in data from various sources including SEOMoz (Domain Authority), MajesticSEO (Backlink Data).  I like it because I can just put in the domain once and then can click through easily to the different data sources to see more information.  Anything that lets me type domains in less on a phone gets my thumbs up.

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SpiderMate Android SEO APP



$1.99.  This is a comprehensive app that displays information from Google Analytics.  I think it is significantly better than the official Google Analytics App and has the added benefit of customizable widgets for your home screen.  So if you are the kind of person that is always interested in up to date stats on your website (be it Visits / Uniques / Bounce Rate or Transactions / Revenues / Goals) you can see it on your home screen without having to launch an app.  This is great if you have made some big site changes and you want to closely monitor any issues without being stuck in front of a desktop.

This app is quick to update (very important when on the move) and covers off all the main areas that you would look at in Google Analytics.  It would be nice if you could see some custom reports & a profile search would be handy if you access to a lot of domains like me, but I still highly recommend this to any online marketer

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Analytix Google Analytics Android APP

Website Info


Free! Similar to SpiderMate this app gives you top level information about a domain.  It covers SEO areas like PageRank, Alexa Rank, indexed pages, backlinks and Server info including location, IP, load time & server software.  Website Info does what it says on the tin and nothing more.  It would be good if you could click on the data to explore it deeper – whether in the app or to be sent to the data source.

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SEO Automatic


Free / Paid.  I have only tried the free version of this app.  It performs a similar function to many online tools which breakdown a page against various SEO factors.  It is quite comprehensive and covers the usual meta descriptions / H tags / Robots tags, to the more sophisticated like image attributes / page canonicalization. What I like about this tool is that each factor is described in detail and the page is ‘scored’ and advice is given.  As with any automated tool, its advice needs to be taken in context with what you know about your site and what you can do within your content management system, but it is a good start, especially for the non-SEO expert.

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SEO Review Android App

Google Analytics App – Official


Free! Google has an official Analytics app for Android devices.  As a first go it is ok (especially being free), but I found it very limiting.  As an app it is fairly limited in what you can do, but if you create custom reports through the website they are visible in the app.  It is a bit fiddly and in its current implementation I would only recommend it if you are not willing to spend the money on Analytix.

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Google Analytics for Android

Google Rank Checking Apps – Australia


When performing SEO on a site, it is often ideal to have an app when you are out and about that is able to quickly and accurately check the rankings of your site.  I tried a number of Android Apps and they all failed to accurately do this.  I am not sure if this was due to being in Australia and the accuracy dropping as they are made for different markets or if they are inaccurate full stop.  This is a problem not just for Android Apps, but for desktop programs and online services that do this function.

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