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Setting up Facebook Conversion Tracking

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By Tracy Mu Sung

Facebook Conversion tracking is a feature that does what it says on the box. It allows you to see if any of your Facebook advertising spend has eventually ended up converting a customer. This conversion is usually a view of a page – but if you use Google tag manager, you can make this conversion any goal or event that is tracked by your tag manager. Read More

Bing Ads Less Relevant Now

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By Tracy Mu Sung
Last week, Bing officially launched it’s Bing ad interface in Australia. Previously the ads on Bing in Australia were run by Yahoo and were not too bad, let’s have a look how the relevancy of ads is going today on Bing.


Bing Results for Running Shoes
This was a particularly bad example – no ads selling me running shoes. Score: 0/6

Let’s try one of Australia’s most competitive terms: Credit Cards
Bing Ads for Credit Cards
This is a bit better, but I think it is a stretch to consider that StartLocal results would be what I’m looking for. Interesting to see that the two relevant results for Credit Cards are U.S. companies. Score: 2/4.
Bing Ads for Flight Deals
This flight deals example could be ok if I particularly wanted to go to just India. Score: 2/3.
I clicked through on the first ad, StartLocal, to see if they were actually going to give me something relevant, and they did! But not what I expected:
StartLocal in Bing Ads
At the top of the page I am given the results I was looking for all along – Cheap Flights from, and This would tell me, I should have gone to Google in the first place. A quick look at the Business Listings on this page show travel agents in Kiama and Western Australia – not exactly local to my Sydney office.
 – At the moment it seems that the Yahoo search ads which you could buy on Bing were more relevant.  It seems there are some teething problems with Bing ads, and maybe I should cut them some slack since they only ‘launched’ last week.
– It almost seems that they are allowing ‘content targeted’ text ads on their search results pages (slimming ads on running shoes searches), but content targeting doesn’t really address the needs of the searcher.
– A bit of a skew towards US advertisers, maybe because Australian businesses haven’t been caught up yet. Yahoo account managers must not be breaking down their clients doors to tell them to switch their ads to the Bing platform.
– Abundance of StartLocal ads – despite not matching the intent of the search query
– Ads for Facebook are sprinkled liberally and irrelevantly through search queries. Well, maybe if you saw those search results for running shoes, you’d give up and go and procrastinate on Facebook too.

SEO for Video and YouTube

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Adding videos to your website? Did you remember to optimise them for search? They might be corporate, creative or instructional videos – but whatever they are, you can get extra value from them by optimising the pages they are on (even if they’re on YouTube).


Remember that Google is using blended searches more and more, so your content can show up in both the normal search results, or in a selection of video results – or both!


Since Google can’t actually get in and look at the content on your video, all the optimisations will have to be done to the code on your page and around your video – still, there’s lots you can do;




SEO for Video on Your Own Site


The tips below relate to the page your video is on on your actual site (i.e. not hosted pages on Vimeo, YouTube, etc).


Keywords – similar to all good SEO projects, start out with defining your keywords. This can help you (if you haven’t made your video yet) in finding out what areas of your niche are most popular and in need of video content.

If you already have made your video – use keyword research and tools to find out the best terms to describe and promote your video in order to connect with the largest relevant audience possible. Use the normal keyword tools, but also consider the YouTube keyword tool (although doesn’t seem to  have particularly good results for Australia).


Normal Page Optimisation –as per normal SEO, try to optimise the meta titles, H tags and URL where possible with your keywords. Also, make a unique meta description for the page, and put alt text on images and videos where possible (although difficult with normal YouTube embeds)


Text content – don’t have a page where the only content is your video. Include other relevant text content on your page to support your video – a transcript is usually a great idea


Video Sitemap – You can create and submit video sitemaps to Google to help Google index your video content. Video content can include web pages with embedded video, URLs to players for videos or URLs of raw video content hosted on your site.



SEO for Videos on YouTube


While Social Media is having an increasing impact on search results – on YouTube, it is already one of the most important factors in helping your video be seen. The more your video is viewed, rated, liked and commented on – the better. You need to encourage it through engaging with the community, asking for feedback within the video content, and using your existing networks to help seed and spread the content.


If you have good content, this kind of thing will come naturally – but it can’t hurt to help it along a bit. Natalie Tran is a great example of this – she asks questions within her videos, and then in her next video she will respond verbally to some of the questions and comments raised (also known as music slash comment time).


However, I’m not going to leave you hanging – there are also some concrete things you can do right away to help improve your chances in YouTube;


Keywords – as above, start with some keyword research.


Titles – Similar to normal SEO, keywords should be at the front where possible, but keep in mind the importance of the title for click throughs – no one is going to click through on a spammy video title.



Use as much space as they give you – be as descriptive as possible

Again, use keywords at the front. There does seem to be some indication that, unlike Google, keywords in YouTube descriptions are taken into accoun

You might want to include your site channel, or website URL, in the description. Just note that any links must have http://


Category – Choose appropriate categories carefully – evidence seems to show that changing your categories later can have a detrimental effect on your rankings.


Tags – You can use many tags, but ensure they are all relevant, and include your keywords. You might want to get detailed and try to define your niche as much as possible using these tags


File name – Optimise the raw video file name with your keywords


Video responses – to index new videos quickly, you might want to try using video responses


Closed captions – upload a transcript to YouTube to help those with hearing impairments, language difficulties and to improve discoverability.


Work With MooMu Media

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MooMu Media is looking for a new best friend, to come and work with us as a part-time business development manager!

This is a role we want to develop with the successful candidate, but the overall goal of the position is to come up with brilliant ideas and strategies to help us grow our local business.

Although we have been in operation just under 2 years, we have a 100% client retention rate, and much of our business has been built on happy customers and their referrals. These strong relationships have helped us grow our business to service an array of industries, including B2B, online retail, professional services, media and recruitment.  We have decided that this is the right time to take control of our own destiny and create a dedicated business development team.

From little things, big things grow – so this position will be part time in the beginning, with the potential to grow in all kinds of directions for the right candidate. If you are;

  • Passionate about online,
  • Experienced in business development or sales
  • Looking for a flexible position in an exciting industry

Send your CV to and let us know how you think we could work together!

Hope to be having After Work Drinks with you soon…

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