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Google Authorship and Author Rank

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By Nicolas Vargas
Screenshot of google trends of Google Authorship Term 
Interest in ‘Google Authorship’ has been rapidly rising in recent months – do you know what it’s all about?

Let’s start at the beginning

What is Google Authorship?

This is a project powered by Google which aims to connect authors with content they have written, through Google + . 
Some of the arguments that Google put forward to justify you signing up to the project are: 

• Verifies your content in search results.
• Allows people to connect to people (get involved with the authors and vice versa)
• Spread authors content thought the web.
• Strong weapon against spammers
• Improve search results (high quality content)
• Your image will appear next to your article in the search results, making the entry stand out more, and likely to increase click through rate.
Screenshot of a Moomu Staff Memeber Author Rank

The process is pretty straightforward ( it is a lot simpler now than it was a few months ago) 
1) Build a Google + profile
2) Sign up for Google+/authorship and
3) Verify your account or link to your content from within Google Plus

What is Author Rank?

Author Rank is the grade that Google gives you according to your social reputation as an author.The more good content you make, the more you’re going to improve your reputation and your Author Rank.
One of the big changes that people expect with this author rank is the implication that this new variable is going to have on a sites ranking.
Search results are already being impacted by Google Authorships and you will see these changes regardless of whether you are logged in or out of Google +
”Author Search result”Srcreenshot of an Author Rank Search Result
According to Google these changes are good for users and for the web. So it’s better to be part of it than be out of it.

Websites We Follow – Nicolas

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By Nicolas Vargas

Being up to date in today’s digital world is a bit hard, considering the huge amount of resources you can find surfing the internet. For that reason, here at MooMu Media we have decided to give our readers a list of some of the most valuable resources that we each use in our day to day work. This is my own personal list.


Digital World

The resources listed in this section are useful for anyone who wants to know general information about what’s happening in the digital world.

This is a good website and very popular. I like to focus on the social media section where you can find How-to’s and other useful stuff.
The other sections I frequently check are the Tech, Business and Lifestyle sections.
Some of my favourite’s posts are

In this website you can find a lot of information about the digital world, but the reason I use it a lot is fortheir product reviews. Here you can find reviews for many things, from headphones to laptops. It is a good website to check before you are going to buy a new gadget.
Some of my favourite’s posts are

Digital Marketing

The following sites are a bit more specific for those who are looking for useful information about online marketing.
Smashing Magazine

This is a great website because you can find useful technical resources for things like Coding, Design and there is also a complete section about WordPress.
The tags I use the most are the Inspiration and Techniques Tags.
Some of my favourite’s posts are

Anyone involved in the Digital Marketing World, from beginners to the most advanced, can find useful resources on
I use a lot the resources under the reports section.
Some of my favourite posts are


The following are useful resources to keep you up to date with new business, strategies and market opportunities
Business Insider

Comprehensive website with the most important news in the marketing world
I recommend the markets and strategy sections
Some of my favourite’s posts are

Another amazing website,
I like to check the success stories and How-to Guides under the Startup section
Some of my favourite’s posts are

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