Australian Election 2010 – Online Marketing Effect

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I can’t believe there is no good website online where I can easily compare the different political parties stances on different issues. Are the big newspapers too biased? Are bloggers too politically apathetic? Is there something illegal about it that I don’t know about?

To compare the policies, you have to go to their individual websites, and of course I don’t know their URLs, so I will Google them.

It is very interesting to see who is buying advertising space on the names of the political parties:

Australian Labor Party:
Official Labor website is coming in at one, and pointing to their policies page – excellent, just what I was looking for.
Liberal Party is also bidding, with an ad about Labors Failures

The Liberal Party
Liberal Party is also bidding on themselves – but not coming in at one – and their ad is simply about Tony Abbott. I feel like it should be “Things about us which AREN”T Tony Abbott”
Labor isn’t bidding on this, but an unofficial anti-Tony-Abbott Greens site is

The Australian Greens
They are paying for ads for themselves too – but only if you type The Australian Greens, not THe Greens
No other party is bidding on their terms.

The Nationals
Not even the Nationals are bothering buying PPC – but the Anti-tony unofficial greens site are bidding.

None of the parties are bidding on general ‘election’ or ‘how to vote’ type terms.

They aren’t even bidding on terms related or including their policies – like carbon tax, maternity payment, mining tax (just the Keepaustraliastrong website), etc.

The Liberals are bidding on both leaders names, but Labor is not for either.

I think the parties should start bidding on searches for policies, how to vote, election information and individual candidates at least.

And in a story today on the SMH – the Liberal party has pulled a series of Google Ads they were running on their competitors names which were leading to their website. Complaints were raised that it was misleading, and could lead voters into thinking that those candidates were affiliated with the Liberal party.

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