Australian Budget 2009 Online

By April 27, 2009 Free tools No Comments

With only 2 weeks to go until the Federal budget is announced, newspapers are already speculating about the make up of this years spending. Seeing as we are so far in the red already, I would have thought the budget would focus on savings, but Kev has already been hinting at more stimulus for our economy.

Nearly everyone in Australia probably feels as I do – that no matter what the budget turns out like, they should have done something a bit different.

For all us armchair politicians (and ex-Finance Department employees), has a fab new application, Instabudget, which helps you develop the budget for yourself – to see how you would really go.


After having a go on it, I realised I was hugely in the surplus – even though I reduced taxes for everyone! This could be because I left $0 in many of the categories, which really isn’t realistic I know. However, this is no place for me to have a political rant.

Anyway, this application is fun to waste 10 minutes or so, and also has a dedicated area of their site for all budget related news, which will include breakdown and analysis after the announcement.

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