Adwords Enhanced Campaigns – The Upgrade Checklist

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Google’s big change in February this year was definitely an example of a double edged sword. On the one hand it will certainly help out advertisers who don’t have a lot of time or expertise to put into managing their campaigns, but on the other hand, it takes away some of the control that those who do have the time and expertise to manage their campaigns enjoy.


Google has sold it to us by saying that we need to reach out to mobile consumers, wherever they are – but the more cynical of us might say that it is Google trying to force everyone to buy mobile ads. In any case, mobile is becoming increasingly important, so at the very least, this is a great heads up to all those advertisers who hadn’t previously used mobile. (Note: Expect Mobile CPC’s to increase!)
No matter how easy Google has made the process of upgrading to Enhanced campaigns, there are things you need to consider when making the transition to make sure you are still buying the ads that you think you’re buying. Google isn’t going to force the change until June, although you can upgrade any time from now. Here is our checklist of things to consider when you do upgrade:
Enhanced Campaigns Devices

1. What percentage do you want to bid on mobile? Your campaigns will be automatically opted in to mobile, so you need to think about it. If you don’t want mobile at all, bid -100%. If you want to be competitive and in the top few positions (essential for an effective mobile campaign), you might even need to bid an increase (e.g. +20%) How much does your business want to invest in mobile?Adwords Enhanced Desktop and Laptop
2. Know that you can’t opt out of desktop or tablet – so if you want a mobile only campaign, it isn’t currently possible.
3. Check the dimensions tab for your cost and conversion data by geographic area, then consider bidding differently by area Enhanced Campaigns Location Targeting
4. You will need to upgrade your sitelinks separately to your campaign. Enhanced Sitelinks
5. Note the new features of sitelinks: you will collect more detailed data, and you can have different sitelinks for every adgroup.
6. Call extensions will need to be upgraded separately
Upgrade call extensions in enhanced campaigns
7. Know that the bid multipliers you choose for day-part, location and device can all interact and result in higher or lower than expected bids. Click on this calculator to double check what your overall multiplier will be
Google Bid Multiplier Calculator
8. Note that you can’t use mobile bid multipliers in any campaign that is using Cost Per Acquisition Bidding.
9. Check your budget – if you have opted in to mobile when you hadn’t previously – you might be exhausting your budget sooner than you think
10. Remember that your new campaigns will opt in to mobile, and if you want mobile-specific ads, you will have to check this check box when creating new ads

You have until June to make the move – so there is no real rush to upgrade. In fact, Google might make some changes before then, so if you are unhappy with the new features, you might want to delay the move. For example, if you have some mobile-only campaigns, like I do, you might want to wait and see if any new features get introduced before opting those campaigns in to desktop.

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