Adwords Editor Update 9.5.1

By September 6, 2011 PPC No Comments

If you are a constant user of Google Adwords Editor, like I am, you might have noticed some obvious changes in the Editor interface – like the word ‘pending’ next to some of your changes. This is because there has been an update, and so you might like to know the additional features available now, which might not be so obvious;


Previously you had to enter experiment data one by one in the interface, but now you can create and edit experiments in the Editor

Location Extensions

Apply and edit location extensions information, including bulk imports and exports

Keep Working While Downloading

If an account is taking forever to download, you no longer have to go and do other work – you can continue working in Adwords Editor (but on a different account).

Manage more campaign settings

Enhanced CPC, Delivery Method and Ad rotation can all be managed in the Editor now

Other Characters in URLs

I am not too technical with the lingo, but I do know that when I cut and paste URLs from some European countries, they often get a bit stuffed up when you then upload them to Google Adwords – Apparently no more!



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