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There are many ways to make changes to ads, keywords and adgroups in Adwords Editor. You can choose the ‘Make Multiple Changes’ Button or you can even download to a CSV, make changes, and upload the results.

However, a very quick and easy way to make changes to many ads at once is to use some of the options in the ‘Edit’ menu.




I consider this one of the most useful features in Adwords Editor. Say you want to change all the URLs in your ads from to Or maybe you want to change from to


You can use Adwords Editor Find and replace feature to make these changes very quickly.

  1. Go to the Ads tab
  2. Select All the Ads you want to make changes to
  3. Click Edit, then ‘Replace Text in Selected Items
  4. Choose the fields you want to make changes to and make the change.
  5. Make sure you choose correctly from the ‘in’ dropdown, so you don’t make unexpected changes to display URL or something else.
Adwords Editor PPC


You can use the find-replace function on other tabs as well. For example, say you had an adgroup selling Lenovo Laptops, and now you want to sell Dell laptops as well. Rather than create a whole new adgroup from scratch, you could simply

1. Copy and paste the Lenovo Adgroup

2. On the keywords tab, Find/Replace Lenovo for Dell (assuming no other variations in keywords other than simple brand names, such as “Buy Lenovo laptop online”)

3. On the ads tab, do a similar Find/Replace for Dell in the ad text,

4. On the ads tab, do a Find/Replace to make the URLs correct




A similar operation is the ‘append’ option in the Edit menu. Here you can easily add things to the end of your fields, e.g. if you want to move all your destination URLs to go to a new subfolder. e.g. from to




You can also choose from the Edit Menu ‘Change text Capitalisation”, which will help you change your ad to have capitals for either each word (Title Case), no words or just at the beginning of sentences.

Adwords Editor PPC


This can be helpful to see which version works best in your ad, though for most of our ads it is the Title Case, so we don’t find this feature particularly helpful. However, if you have someone who has uploaded ads without using the Title Case, this is a great way to quickly fix that.





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