Advertising Through Twitter

By April 6, 2009 Social Media No Comments

Advertising Age today ran an article about Google syndicating Twitter updates for advertising across their content network. The example being used for this testing is the Twitter stream of a company called Turbo Tax.

After looking at the Twitter stream there, I can understand Search Engine Lands comment that they can’t understand the advertising value of this. The most five recent posts (which is supposedly what Google would be using across their content network) were:


However, I do think there is a lot of value for companies, for example –

An airline/hotel/theatre company/restaurant/anything that sells tickets, could constantly update their stream with discounts or freebies for undersold tickets.

If you were a specialist in finance, tax, law, etc, then you could do expert Tweet updates (obviously with links to the more comprehensive article/advice)

If you were a fashion label or media company, you could use the Twitter stream for your usual PR plus any deals.

I see a lot of opportunity for this, brands just need to make sure that you are syndicating the useful advertising-based stream, and not your general corporate one, which might contain Twitter updates which are spammy or unnecessary.

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