How To Start Advertising on Bing in Australia

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In 2013 Bing fully launched it’s ad platform in Australia, allowing Australians a new updated ad interface, and the ability to target their ads within Australia. This also meant the end of the Yahoo and Bing alliance, with Yahoo search inventory now being able to be purchased through Google (if you include search partners).

Advertisers used to be able to buy Bing Ads through the Microsoft Network from overseas or the Yahoo Australia search platform, and if you used either of those platforms, you would know how sub-optimal they were. Don’t worry, the new Bing Ads interface is a huge improvement, and completely easy to use.

Why Advertise on Bing?

The volume and quality of traffic our clients have seen from Bing search ads varies, which means that it is probably worth testing, because it might work well for your business. Some other reasons to try ads on Bing

  • Microsoft says that 3 million of it’s over 5 million users are unique to Bing, i.e. they don’t use Google.
  • There is no sign up fee, you can just start advertising
  • Like Google, they are pay per click ads, so you only pay when people click and you can turn on and off whenever you like.
  • You can import your ads from Google, so there is little set up time
  • The interface, and even naming of features, is extremely similar to Google, so there isn’t a big learning curve.

How to Advertise on Bing?

To sign up for Bing Ads you can go to the Bing Ads interface.You may need to sign up for a Microsoft account in the process, which is similar to a Google account.

Once in the interface, you can import your Google campaigns or create brand new ones. You don’t need to make the decision straight away, as there is an easy ‘Import from Google Adwords’ link in the main menu, which means you can import campaigns from Adwords at any time.

There are a few things you should check if you import your campaigns from Adwords;

  • Locations may default to ‘show in all locations’.  If you want to change this, you can do this in campaign settings like in Google. You can choose “Selected cities, metro areas, etc” if you want to choose all of Australia, or states in Australia. But if you want to choose a city in Australia you will need to use “Near a custom or other location”. (This may change in the future).
  • The ad structure uses approximately the same character length, but the description is entered as one long line instead of the two part in Adwords. Make sure your ads still look ok in this new format
  • Note you can use bid multipliers like you do in Google, but these won’t be imported, so you will need to ad them on the settings tab of each campaign. Bing has an additional option, where you can add multipliers to gender and age demographic

Differences Between Bing Ads and Google Adwords

While understanding the Google Adwords interface gives you a massive headstart on learning the Bing Ads interface, there are a few small differences you might want to take advantage of.

  • Bing ads let’s you sent a daily or monthly budget, Google just lets you set daily
  • Bing ads have one description line worth 71 characters, instead of 2 short ones of 35 each.
  • Bing ads doesn’t have broad match negative keywords, and if you use them, they will be treated as phrase match.
  • Time and location settings are done differently – so don’t forget to go in and update your settings
  • Bing says quality score is measured differently, but both are vague and based on the same principles!

The Bing Content Network

Like Google, Bing also has a content network. It has fewer targeting options than Google and you can only target with either keywords or placements.

To create a content campaign, create a campaign as normal, then for bid type;

  • Choose placements (then choose networks or individual websites which you can search for)


  • Choose keywords and then for each keyword you enter, choose ‘content’ as the keyword type.

Note that if you want to advertise on old ‘Bing/Yahoo’ placements like or, you can now do that through the Google Display Network.


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