A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn Ads

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Advertise On LinkedIn Home Option Screenshot

Written by Nicolas Vargas
LinkedIn advertising is a service which allow users to create and manage ads within this professionals networking platform. LinkedIn Ads are supported in more than 50 countries around the world and the service is supported in many languages.
If you’re wondering why you should try LinkedIn Ads, you have to keep in mind that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network which means you can reach influencers or decision makers such as Business owners and Marketing Directors, which could be a good opportunity for almost any kind of business.
Currently LinkedIn Ads offer two pay options (PPC) or (PPM):
Pay per click (CPC) : As with many other platforms you pay only when someone clicks on your ad, the minimum bid required for LinkedIn is $2.00
Pay per impression (CPM): With this option, you pay when your ad has 1,000 impressions.
The only payment method currently available on LinkedIn ads is credit card and you can’t pay in advance for your ads
Where Can you see your ads?

  • Other Users Profile Page
  • Users Home Page
  • Users Inbox Page
  • Search Results Page
  • LinkedIn Groups Pages
    Here you can see an example of an Inbox page with LinkedIn Ads, all the other pages have the same ads sections
    LinkedIn Ads On Inbox Pages Image
    LinkedIn also offers promotional coupons to encourage people to use LinkedIn ads, but be careful, when you exceed the credit on your coupon you will be charged.
    Note that you have to pay a $5 activation fee, even if you have a LinkedIn Advertising Promotional Coupon.
    The Process to Create an Ad
    1) First of all you need an account in LinkedIn. It can be either a personal or a business one, so just login into your account, go to the home section and click on “Advertise on LinkedIn”
    Advertise On LinkedIn Home Option Screenshot
    LinkedIn Ads Start Now Image
    2) Linked in will ask you for an ad campaign name, Ad Language and the Media Type (Basic for image and text)
    You can choose between two options for your ad destination – website or LinkedIn Profile There’s no difference between the ads if you choose a website vs LinkedIn profile as your landing page.When it comes to the landing page selection, it’s up to the aim of your ad . For example, if you want your customer to register for your newsletter you probably will use your website, but if you want to increase your followers on LinkedIn you will use your LinkedIn profile as a landing page

  • Write the headline (Max 25 characters)
  • Description (Max 75 characters)
  • Add the image (50×50 pixels) if you want an image ad. In this example we made a text ad.
  • The ‘From’ section allows you to add your business name, from a list of Institutions which are within your profile
  • The Ad variation option is useful for A/B tests for multiple ads
    LinkedInd Ad Maker Interface Image
    3) Targeting: You can target your audience using these options

  • Location: Country, Area
  • Company: By name or Category
  • Job Title: By Job title or Job function
  • School: Name of the school
  • Skills: List of skills
  • Group: LinkedIn Groups you want to target
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Age: 18 to 55+
    Linked In calculates your estimated audience based on your targeting.
    Here is an image with the estimated Audience for our example.
    LinkedIn Ads Estimated Audience Box Image
    4) Payment options

  • Payment Options: here you can choose CPC or CPM
  • Daily Budget: The minimum amount is $10 per day
  • Lead Collection: Include a button in your ad which helps users contact you It is Free
  • Campaign Duration: here you can choose how long your campaign will run for.
    5) Finally there will be a normal checkout process where you enter your payment information.
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