30 PPC Call To Action Examples

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We all know the importance of Calls to Action in our online ads, right? Calls to Action (CTA) encourage readers to click through on your ad by enticing them and using action words, and no, we aren’t talking about the perennial ‘Click Here’.  We’re talking about the wide range of words you can use to encourage searchers to do exactly what you want them to do, like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Download’ or ‘Sign up Today’.


Best practice would have us testing these kind of text in our ads constantly, seeing what works better, then trying to improve it again. But sometimes it’s hard to find new ways of saying things. Some days you are struggling to find inspiration. To help you along the way, we put together a quick list of CTA examples you can test within your ad copy. Some work better for sales, some are better for lead generation, some of them can be used for both. I have tried to divide them along those lines, but of course there is no hard and fast rule. Try them out and see if you can’t improve your click through rate.


Calls to Action for Lead Generation

Calls to Action for Sales

Sign Up Buy Now
Become a Member Buy Online
Book Online Buy In-Store
Call Call
Apply Buy Now At X% Off
Reserve Purchase
Register Shop Now
Start Now Purchase
Download Buy Now And Receive
Ask Us How Order Today
Get A Quote In X Mins Save Now
Try It Now Buy Now And Receive
Subscribe Shop Now
Book Now Browse The Sale
Join Now Easy Online Purchase
Instant Access


You can also add urgency to your adds with words like ‘Now’, ‘Today’, ‘Hurry’ or adding specials which will end soon, like ‘Sale Ends Tomorrow’.

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